Tower Diplomacy! Setai Fifth Avenue Whets International Appetite

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New York Observer
June 24, 2010

Tower Diplomacy! Setai Fifth Avenue Whets International Appetite
At the launch party for the Setai Fifth Avenue Residences, Robert Siegel searched his suit pockets for a business card.

“I just went to Japan, where everyone has business cards with different languages on two sides. You trade cards before you even talk,” he said, turning out empty pockets. “I’m a terrible businessman.”

Mr. Siegel, co-founder of architecture firm Gwathmey Siegel Kaufman Architects, was being modest. He designed Setai Fifth Avenue, a luxurious 60-story half-hotel, half-residence, whose sales officially kicked off Wednesday with a party on the 24th floor of 55 East 59th Street, the offices of Setai Fifth’s developer, Bizzi & Partners. Gesturing toward a series of poster boards, Mr. Siegel explained how light reflects off the windows of his creation.

“It’s beautiful and wonderful,” he said. “It doesn’t reflect at you. It’s in all different directions, a modeling effect.”

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