Gymnasium Apartment

New York, NY This 6,000 square foot apartment is located in the former gymnasium of the original Beaux Arts Police Headquarters Building. The intention was to physically maintain and visually exploit the volumetric integrity and structural expression of the existing barrel vaulted space, while adding a master bedroom suite and study/library balcony, and integrating an eclectic painting and sculpture collection. Continue Back
On the main level of the twenty-five foot high, steel trussed volume, is the multi-use living/dining/ entertainment/gallery articulated by custom designed, space defining furniture. At the east end of the space is the master bedroom suite, and study/library balcony accessed by an exposed stair, which rotates at the landing, and runs parallel, behind the existing longitudinal steel truss, to attic guest bedrooms, over the kitchen, master baths and dressing rooms.

The study/library balcony is suspended under the east end of the barrel vault and revealed from the master bedroom below, by a continuous radial skylight in the floor, articulating its separation while maintaining the volumetric extension.

The floor of the balcony defines the bedroom ceiling, floating asymmetrically within the existing orthogonal building frame, articulating its objectiveness and sectional variation.

Three large skylights were inserted into the south side of the barrel vaulted roof, providing natural light into the longitudinal internal fa├žade of the space and revealing the classic building pediment above.

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